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Filling Machines | ExactMass Liquid Filling Machine

Industry: cosmetic,pharmaceutical,chemical,food,personal care

Flow meter fillers deliver precision fill weights regardless of variations in the product.

Mass Flow Meter Filling Machine | Coriolis Flow Meter Filling Machine

Introducing the ExactMass Liquid Filling Machine, offering the premium method to measure liquid and fill bottles. No other filling technology offers this advanced combination of features and benefits, and Mass Flow Meter technology has never been this affordable. This system offers huge cost benefits and a high degree of flexibility.

Gravity Filling Machine | Liquid Filling Equipment

Industry: bottled water,chemical,personal care,pharmaceutical

Bottle Filling Machines

Industry: liquid

Our bottle filling machines are engineered and manufactured for a variety of products like food, chemical, cosmetic, bottled water, oils, etc. Please give us a call to discuss your next liquid filling project.

Filling Machine | Gasoline Filling Machine & Bottle Capper

Industry: Flammable Liquids,Hazardous Liquids,Toxic Liquids

APACKS manufacturers filling machines for many industries that require filling machines for flammable liquids. Our filling machines are designed and built to meet your hazardous location filling and packaging specifications and production requirements.

Lip Balm Filling Machine

Industry: lip balm,candles,deodorant,shoe polish,soaps,lip stick

Made in America by APACKS, this Molten Filling Machine is designed to fill lip balms, candle wax, stick deodorants, lipstick, shoe polish, car wax, glycerin soaps and petrolatum based products that flow when hot and cool to a solid at ambient temperature.

Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Industry: liquid

APACKS designs and builds everything for bottle filling and liquid packaging. Our liquid filling equipment is engineered and manufactured for a variety of products like food, chemical, cosmetic, bottled water, oils, etc. Please give us a call to discuss your next liquid filling project. APACKS is located in La Porte, IN USA and can be reached at (219) 393-5541 . For more information visit us at: /automatic-spindle-capping-machine/

Automatic Chuck Capping Machine

Industry: Liquid

APACKS’ Automatic Chuck Capper places and torques caps automatically. The Cap Sorter (sold separately) sorts the caps which are individually picked up by the mechanical swing arm and moved to the Chuck Head while containers are stabilized by the Pneumatic Bottle Gripping Assembly. After the Chuck Head applies appropriate torque to the cap, the container moves down APACKS’ Conveyor (sold separately).

Automatic Full Line for Edible Oil

APACKS 8 Head Pressure Overflow Filler with Diving Heads and Drip Tray, as well as the Sanitary Option. Following the fill, the bottles go to an Automatic 8 head Spindle Cap Tightener with a delivery Chute and Cap Elevator. Afterwards, the Automatic Front and Back Labeler places labels on the bottles precisely every time.

Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

Apacks is the leading manufacture of our 6 spindle, 3 station screw capper for liquid packaging lines here in our facility in Midwest USA. It is flexible and durable and works with most containers and caps including flat caps, sport caps, metal lids and many others. It’s built on a heavy duty, tig welded, stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum plate construction to provide durability in almost any packaging environment. The modular design lets you start with just a cap tightener and easily add capabilities when you need them.

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