Installation and Training | Field Service

APACKS offers expertly trained technicians to assist you in installing your equipment.  Upon installation of you equipment or line, the technician stays on-site to watch your new equipment run smoothly and train your operators. Even after our specialist leaves your plant, APACKS is ready to give you prompt, courteous service when you need it.

APACKS Technician offers the following services:

  • Installation of equipment or packaging line at the customer’s plant
  • Coordinate schedule with mechanics to perform changeovers and preventive maintenance activities
  • Perform mechanical adjustments (if needed) on equipment and packaging line to optimize equipment’s performance
  • Resolve equipment issues
  • Document all work activities according to Proper Documentation Practices
  • Provide on-site training on all assigned procedures

An APACKS Packaging Technician will be in-charge of the equipment setup and adjustment in your plant. All of the activities will be focused on optimizing the equipment to maximize production output. APACKS also ensures that the technician will execute routine packaging operations to fully meet production demands.

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