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Cap Reject System

APACKS designs and builds everything for bottle filling and liquid packaging. Please give us a call to discuss your next liquid filling project. APACKS is located in La Porte, IN USA and can be reached at 219-369-9030 .

Capping Machine | Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Capping Machine manufactured by APACKS here in our facility in La Porte, IN USA. Our bottle capping machines are flexible and durable and works with most containers and caps including flat caps, sport caps, metal lids and many others. The modular capping system design lets you start with just a cap tightener and easily add capabilities when you need them. Call us at 219-369-4131 to learn more /automatic-spindle-capping-machine/

Coriolis Flow Meter

Learn about Coriolis Flow Meters for Liquid Filling Machines. Micro Motion and APACKS have worked together to develop the most accurate and efficient coriolis flow measurement technology in the liquid filling machine industry.

This video of our mass flow coriolis meter filling machines is highly requested. APACKS manufacturers filling machines for many industries that require coriolis flow meter filling machines.

This video illustrates our capability to design and build bottle filling equipment using mass flow meter filling machines. Our filling machines are designed and built to meet your mass flow meter filler specifications and production requirements.

We hope this coriolis flow meter video was helpful and you enjoyed it.

Equipment Displayed in Video:
Coriolis Flow Meter Filling Machine

Economical Filling System

Industry: liquid

APACKS is proud to introduce our Econoline Filling Systems. These affordable liquid fillers are the perfect addition to anybody interested in increasing filling accuracy and production rates. Our budget-minded, compact automatic bottle filling system will get your packaging process moving! See more here /filling-machines/gravity-filler/econoline-filling-system . Econoline Bottle Filling Systems include a 28 inch Rotary Loading Turntable, 10 foot Conveyor, your choice of four Automatic Fillers, Handheld Chuck Capper, plus one Chuck and Insert, and a 28 inch Rotary Accumulating Turntable. Available in four different types of filling methods: The volumetric Single Head Piston Filler comes in a variety of piston sizes for either thin or thick products while the Single Head Positive Displacement Pump Filler can fill a wide range of product viscosities from 1oz to 1gal. The Gravity Filler, filling thin liquids volumetrically-by-time, can be configured for Two or Four Heads and the 2 Head Overflow Filler provides exceptional cosmetic fills for thin products. These filling systems are built with anodized aluminum construction and mounted on casters with leveling legs requiring only minimal assembly. PLC touch screen controls and DC gear motors on the Turntables and Conveyor come standard.

Hazardous Location Filling & Capping Equipment

Industry: liquid

APACKS designs and builds hazardous location filling machines, capping machines, conveyors and labeling machinery to handle gasoline, acetone, alcohol, solvents, petroleum products, paints, etc. Please call us at 219-369-4131 to find out why more companies are doing business with APACKS.

Liquid Packaging Line

Industry: liquid

Check out this full liquid packaging line we recently built for a food related product. The video shows an in line gravity filling machine and a rotary pick and place chuck capping machine. Call us at 219-369-4131 for more information.

Overflow Filling Machine

Industry: Solutions, Liquids, Chemical

We manufacture our 8 spindle, 4 station spindle cappers here in our facility in La Porte, IN USA…

Piston Filler to Fill Any Liquid

Our table top filling machines are used for a wide range of products, from custom hot sauces and salsa to soaps and lotions. We have 2 table top piston fillers. The FPT-1000 is for filling water thin to medium viscosity liquids like juices, lotions and oils directly from a tank or drum. The FPV-1000 is used for filling high viscosity products like honey and ointments as well as products with chunks or particulates like salsa and salad dressings. For further information, please call us toll-free 1-866-369-9030 or visit our website

Small Business Exporter of the Year – Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing

2015 Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards
We are honored to announce that APACKS has been awarded the Small Business Exporter of the Year – Manufacturing!

Spindle Capping Machine | Bottle Capping System

We manufacture our 8 spindle, 4 station spindle cappers here in our facility in La Porte, IN USA…

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