Vertical Ribbon Blenders

The APACKS blenders provide dry bulk material processing operations a full line of mixer and blender styles, from pilot-scale batch mixers to high-volume, continuous-duty, in-line blenders. The dry material mixers are designed to deliver thorough, contaminant-free mixes in just minutes, without damage to even the most fragile material.

Standard Features

  • continuous helical mixing ribbon
  • bottom-mounted drive package
  • readily removable top cover and mixing ribbon
  • clean-sweep bottom blade
Standard Construction

  • engineered with automated control systems
  • heavy-gauge carbon steel or stainless steel construction.
  • 45-002 Stainless
  • 45-350
  • 45-550
  • 45-750
  • 45-1000
  • 45-1500
  • 45-551 top drive
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