Aerosol Crimping Station

ACM-1000-GE Aerosol Crimping Station is designed for small volume aerosol production and laboratory use. It includes one air cylinder, a crimp plate mounted on an adjustable stand, and the crimping head. The unique Crimping Head features an 8 segment collet and an adjustable pressure chamber within the crimp body. This allows the operator to apply a customer specified pressure to a gasketed or related aerosol dispensing valve just prior to crimping onto the aerosol container.

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The 8 segment collet has proven to be more effective in reducing the potential of “leakers” that occur on the customer’s shelf after an extended period of time. This is accomplished by reducing the uncrimped area by 25% over six segment collets.

Our versatile crimper maintains crimping diameter while allowing adjustable depth of the crimp.

  • Eight segment collet
  • Crimp diameter is always maintained
  • Crimp depth is modified through the use of shims
  • No springs to wear out
  • Single cylinder operation
  • Few parts, low maintenance
  • Crimping mandrel and collets are hardened
  • Small crimping mandrel is easily replaced
  • Entire unit is stainless steel
  • Compact size
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