Single Head Laboratory Gasser/Shaker for Aerosol Packaging

The AGM-1000-GE is a Single Head Aerosol Laboratory Gasser/Shaker designed for gassing and shaking one aerosol container at a time. The containers are manually placed in and removed from the unit. Various container diameters and heights are accommodated with minimal effort. A variable frequency drive allows the operator to adjust the motor speed to test numerous possibilities to ensure absorption of the mixing products and propellants. The unit has a digital readout and the shaking speed can be manually adjusted while the machine is running.

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This AGM-1000-GE has a large process stop button, an on/off selector switch, a start button and an adjustable shaking timer. The amount of shaking time can be adjusted manually, to vary in infinite amounts, from .01 to 99 seconds. In conjunction with the shaking cycle, a brake is included that works opposite in operation with the motor and turns off and on automatically. A plastic safety guard is also provided.

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