Flow Meter Filling Machine

Superior Filling Technology

The ExactMass Liquid Filling Machine offers the premium method to measure liquid and fill bottles. No other filling technology offers this advanced combination of features and benefits, and Mass Flow Meter technology has never been this affordable. This system offers huge cost benefits and a high degree of flexibility.

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Standard Features:

  • (6) Sanitary Flow Meters with tri-clamp fittings
  • (6) Bottom-close Fill Head Valves to prevent drips
  • Servo Diving Fill Head Assembly, for bottom-up fills and height adjustment
  • 316 stainless steel pressure vessel, mounted low for easy cleaning
  • CIP System, with spray ball in vessel, process program, and fill head trough
  • Sanitary Product Infeed Control Valve, air-to-open, spring-to-close actuator
  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Use PLC Control System
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control (Ethernet Capable)
  • Product weight set from operator interface
  • On-the-fly product weight adjustment
  • Servo controlled nozzle diving motion for bottom up filling
  • Tool less adjustments for rapid changeover
  • Clean product flow path (no moving parts, dead spots, gaps)
  • Modular construction allows for upgrades
  • 100 program recipes
  • UL approved panel
  • Interlocked safety guards (CE)
Benefits of Mass Flow Meter Technology:

  • Fills to accurate weight ( Products are Sold by Weight)
  • Unsurpassed versatility handling product viscosity
  • Fills wide range of product sizes (.5 oz to 5 gallons)
  • Exceptional filling accuracy
  • Easy container and product changeover
  • Simple fluid pathway for easy cleaning (CIP)
  • Nearly waste-free product clean up (fully Drainable)
  • Minimal maintenance due to minimal moving or wear parts
  • Intelligent and easy to operate controls
Common Options for Consideration

Neck Locators for precise centering of container necks under Fill Heads, prevents spillage while filling small-neck containers within standard filler frames (up to 66″) 

  • 304 Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • Pneumatic actuated
  • Price includes V-notch fingers for each fill head purchased
Starwheel Container Indexing System Upgrade 

  • Designed for mounting to (Filler) Conveyor
  • Starwheels sold separately
  • Price reflects upgrade from standard pneumatic Entry and Exit gates
Servo Single Side Timing Screw Indexing Kit

  • Servo Motor with anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and plated metal components
  • Quick connect drive & idle bearing blocks
  • Variable frequency drive located in Filler control box
  • Custom timing screws are not included; priced separately for configuration purposes
Filler Status Alert Lightstack with pole mount 

  • Red Solid = Filler stopped (check Filler alarm screen on HMI)
  • Red Flashing = E-Stop condition with audible alarm
  • Yellow Solid = Fill Hold (float indicates product required)
  • Yellow Flashing = Downstream Back-up (clear back-up)
  • Green = Normal

Remote E-Stop Station (in addition to E-Stop on Control Panel Face), for mounting in accordance with Customer’s preference or local, state code.

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