Four Head Rotary Aerosol Crimper

The ACA-4000-GE is a Four Head Rotary Aerosol Crimper that is a highly productive machine with very low maintenance. It is fast, crimping up to 100 aerosol spray cans per minute. Change over for different height aerosol cans takes only 5 minutes.

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The unique rotary 4 way air timing valve, a portion of which revolves, propels each crimping head cylinder for 180 degrees of rotation providing more than enough time to maximize cylinder pressure at the crimping head to assure proper crimping.

The 8 segment collet has proven to be more effective in reducing the potential of “leakers” that occur on the customer’s shelf after an extended period of time. This is accomplished by reducing the uncrimped area by 25% over six segment collets. The traditional 6 segment collet is also available with this machine.

If the machine is stopped during any portion of the cycle, as long as air is still being supplied, there is no such thing as HALF CRIMPS, which is a problem on intermittent motion machines.

CrimperHead Four Head Rotary Aerosol CrimperOnce the escapement star is adjusted to release containers into the infeed star at the correct timing sequence, further adjustments are unnecessary. Height adjustment is made by elevating or lowering the head plate mounted on the center stanchion by means of a screw thread. This adjusts all four crimping heads at the same time.

  • Unique rotary 4-way air timing valve
  • No HALF CRIMPS – providing that air is supplied at all times
  • Slip clutch on main drive for operator and product protection
  • Crimping depth and diameter are set
  • (To your specifications) Production rate – up to 100 cans per minute
  • Change over time for different heights
  • Approx. 5 minutes
  • Stainless steel crimping heads
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