In-Line Aerosol Gasser/Shaker

Our AGA-1400-GE In-Line Aerosol Gasser/Shaker is manufactured for dependability, low maintenance and product producing quality. The simplicity of design provides precise cyclic motion that enhances absorption of propellant throughout the product more quickly and completely.

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On a continuous running conveyor chain, 14 to17 cans, depending on can diameter, are presented to the gassing manifold where they are automatically stopped, raised, and pressurized during agitation and released. Upon entering the machine, the cans are plowed partway off the conveyor chain to enable the machine’s lifting mechanism to raise them up and into the individual gassing adapters for agitation and pressurizing. On completion of the agitation cycle, the cans are lowered back onto the continuous running conveyor and the conveyor rails return the cans to normal position on the chain upon discharge.

All of the major electrical control components are in a dust proof enclosure, mounted separate from the production line. An Allen-Bradley programmable controller is used to manage the machine operation. A small enclosure, mounted in a convenient location for line operator control, contains a power on switch with light, a selector switch, a reset push button and a red mushroom head cycle stop button.

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