Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk bag fillers are also commonly known as big bag filling stations, bulk bag loaders, and big bag fillers. APACKS offers dry bulk material processing operations a bulk bag filler product line designed to fully integrate with upstream and downstream material processing systems. APACKS big bag fillers can fill up to 20 bulk bags per hour, using only one operator. Automatic and dust-free bag filling, weighing, and densification further combine to increase line throughput and reduce process costs. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel or type 304 stainless, the components and framework of every APACKS big bag filling station are built for trouble-free operation; even in rugged bulk bag filling process conditions and where demanding material handling requirements exist.

Standard Features

  • Can fill up to 20 bulk bags per hour, using only one operator
  • Safe, secure, and designed for minimum operator interaction
  • NTEP-Certified

Standard Construction

  • 304 stainless
  • 4,500 lb. hang weight capacity
  • 18,000 lb. deck capacity

Bag Support Framework Designs

  • Cantilevered fill head frames
  • The 4 post frame
  • Powered height adjustment
  • Fill head only frames

Bag Hangers

  • Manual hooks
  • Automatic hooks
  • Traversing rear hooks

Bag Weighing Options

  • Base Weigh
  • Hang Weigh
  • Pre-Weigh

Base Options

  • Platform top
  • Roller conveyor
  • Densification table

Fill Head Details

  • Blower
  • Concentric tubes
  • Inflatable bladder
  • Dust collection
  • Traversing fill head
  • Drum & box fill adapters

Control Systems

  • Manual and semi-automatic systems
  • Automatic systems
  • Height adjustment
  • Bag Inflation Blower
  • Dust Collection
  • Traversing Fill Head
  • Concentric Fill-and-Exhaust Tubes
  • Drum & Box Fill Adapters
  • Inflatable Bladder
  • Spout Control Valve
  • Manual-Automatic Combination Controls
  • Fully-Automatic Controls
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