Low Volume Production 5 Head Aerosol Gasser/Shaker

Our AGM-5000-GE is a Low-Production Aerosol Gasser/Shaker is capable of gassing and shaking up to 5 aerosol containers at a time, depending on diameter. The basic machine is designed for manual operation..

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This machine has a large process stop button, an on/off selector switch, a start button and an adjustable timer for the shaking time. The amount of shaking time is determined and set manually. The timer can be adjusted to vary in infinite amounts from 1 to 99 seconds. In conjunction with the shaking cycle, there is a brake that works off and on automatically.

A variable frequency drive can also be provided to make this unit truly adjustable. This would allow the operator to adjust the motor speed to further test numerous possibilities to ensure absorption of the mixing products. The unit has a digital readout and the speed can be manually adjusted while the machine is running. This is really great for lab work and small, custom production.

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