Tablet and Capsule Counter

Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine

The Semi-Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counter accurately counts capsules, tablets, and pills, then fills two packages with the exact count specified. The bench top size makes it ideal for use in laboratories or pharmaceutical environments. Versatile and accurate, this counter is capable of counting products of various sizes while filling containers of various sizes. This bench top Semi-Automatic Tablet Counter features two nozzles for continuous counting and filling as well as a dust accumulator for help ensure long term accuracy.


Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction, meets cGMP standards.
  • Tempered glass used for turntable
  • Touch screen control panel with memory
  • Variable speeds controls for vibrator feeder and turntable speed
  • Dust accumulating device protects machines accuracy
  • Dual counting and filling nozzles

  • Counting speed: 600-1200 tablets/min.
  • Tablet size: 5-16mm in diameter
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Size: 760x550740mm
  • Accuracy: /- 1-2%
  • Power required: 110V or 220V
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