Sincro Tribloc Bottle Blow Molder

Sincro Tribloc is an innovative system that incorporates the production, labeling and filling/capping of PET containers in an integrated system. Sincro TriBloc production output ranges from 12,000 to 48,000 b/h.

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Standard Features


  • Preform transport system: Preforms are loaded onto the spindle (and not vice versa) by means of cam track-driven grippers. No chain axial movement.
  • Heating oven: Innovative ventilation through the lamps to maximize heat transfer by radiation (convection minimization)
  • Preforms transfer: Simplified transfer wheels with small diameters and lower peripheral speeds.
  • Bottle Blowing: – Relevant space saving (20% to 30%) for the blowing wheel compared to equivalent machines: preforms & bottles centrifugal forces are very low.
  • Flexibility: Quick changeover without need of tools. Simultaneous access to more than one station.
  • Energy and compressed air savings: Possibility of reducing the size of the compressor up to 45%.

  • Space saving: Sincro TriBloc -55% space vs. standard line
  • Costs reduction: Operative costs = -15%.
  • Sustainability: Label 100% recyclable, together with the bottle and the cap, absence of hot melt fumes, no solvents for cleaning.
  • Efficiency: The blow moulding machine and the filler are electronically coupled and special transferring systems are foreseen to reduce the stumblings. The integrated design of the system ensures a high efficiency of the overall platform.
  • Lightweight: Sincro TriBloc is the most suitable solution for the treatment of extreme lightweight bottles.
  • Hygiene: A preform treatment system, the direct connection between blowing, labelling and filling, the over-pressured environment are guaranty of high hygiene level.
  • Extreme operating flexibility: It can handle a wide range of bottles, necks and caps sizes (both flat and sport).

Optional elements

For particular production needs, the module can be completed with a number of additional solutions, including:

  • The starwheels can be equipped with a precise and rapid size change which works with different diameter necks without the need for any tools: e.g. 28 – 38 mm. The same philosophy is applied in the event of body guides replacement.
  • In case of petaloid bottle base or special filling requirements of the product, a spray nozzle system can be installed to cool the bottom of the bottle. In order to reduce the costs of this application, the solution is fitted with a collection channel and water re circulation system.
  • Carbonated water
  • Non carbonated water
  • CSD
  • Clear juice
  • Isotonic and sport drinks
  • Tea
  • Hot-filled products
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