Automatic Spray Bottle Capping Machine

Automatic Spray Bottle Capper

The special features of the Automatic Spray Bottle Capping Machine are its ability to maintain a constant torque in the application of each cap, and to handle special applications such as fragile caps or caps with very low torque requirements. In fact the torque value of each head can be regulated from 0,02 Nm to 6,0 Nm, and can be added as a recipe by using the operator panel. Therefore, for every cap, it’s possible to memorize the correct torque value, and when necessary, to recall it by simple use of a push button function.

Technical and Construction Characteristics
  • The Automatic Spray Bottle Capping Machine is characterized by three functions that are the basis for a proper closure of the container: The rotation motion provided by the servo motor to achieve a constant and accurate torque A mechanical cam for the lowering and raising of the capping heads in phase with the pick-up of the trigger and the application to each container A separate mechanical cam to activate the capping chucks during the pick-up and release of the trigger
  • The possibility to predetermine from the operator panel the torque value, or the exact number of turns necessary for capping in case of fragile caps or caps with a mechanical stop
  • The ability to close the containers with press-on caps/or caps that lock in position
  • The control of torque values of individual heads or all of them at the same time
  • The ability to look at, and if necessary make corrections in real time, to the closing torque of each individual head directly for the operator panel, without stoppage of production

Functional Characteristics
The capping function of the Automatic Spray Bottle Capping Machine comes in two successive phases:

  • Insertion of the pump tube into the container
  • Electronically controlled torquing of the screw-on part of the cap, or press-on or locked-in-position caps

The pump mechanism is selected and oriented by the appropriate sorter, and arrives, by means of the transport channel, at the transfer star for the insertion of the tube in the container. The transfer and insertion star, acts as a PICK & PLACE star for the electronic head of the Capper. The individual capping heads lift the pumps from the transfer star by means of appropriate capping chucks, controlled in their opening and closing function by the double cam of the Capper. Then the servo motors on each individual capping head insure a constant and accurate capping torque on the screw-on part of the cap, and/or a press-on or lock-in-position cap.

The trigger insertion star is adjustable based on the size change required (length of the tube and height of the bottle) The size change of the Capper does not require any special tools or jigs. All change parts are designed with a system of quick insert and lock mechanisms that are quickly positioned and locked in place without the need of any further adjustment. Restart of production after a size change allows an immediate start, at the maximum assigned production speed.
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