Automatic Servo Chuck Capping Machine

Automatic Servo Chuck Capper

This Automatic Chuck Capper sorts, places and torques caps. Caps are individually picked up by the mechanical swing arm and moved to the capping head. The container then moves under the capping station as the cap is accurately placed and torqued onto the bottle threads. This machine is intended for production speeds of 10-15 per minute for bottles up to 4″ diameter and caps up 53mm. Components for larger bottles/caps will be quoted upon review of samples. Cap Feeding and Sorting Systems are sold separately for configuration purposes.


Standard Features:

  • Easily set torque Using 7″ wide touch screen HMI
  • Custom torque feedback
  • Custom data input to record each packaging event, to include:
    • Batch: 10 numeric characters
    • Process Order: 7 or 8 numeric characters
    • Material Number: 7-11 alphanumeric characters and random hyphen
    • Storage: Minimum 50 packaging events per week
    • Memory indicator
  • Ethernet capability for data download
  • USB for data download
  • Low-cap, out-of caps lightstack with line pause
  • Audible alert kit
  • Servo chuck head with chuck tip for one cap size
  • Stainless steel frame, plate/block components are anodized aluminum
  • Pneumatic bottle gripping assembly, includes (1) set of grip pads
  • Container indexing logic, with bottle sensor and downstream back-up sensor
  • Cap delivery chute (sorter to placer) for one cap size
  • Polycarbonate safety shields, for operator protection, with interlock access door
  • Use Allen Bradley Mircologix 1400 PLC
  • Stainless steel Servo motor with air purge, capable of 24-52 inch/pounds /- 2 inch/pounds
Corrosive Environment Protection Package for APACKS Linear Chuck Cap Tightener

  • Frame: 316SS replaces 304SS frame and cover
  • Frame: Corrosion resistance coated aluminum plates and/or plastics replace anodized plates
  • Air Duct Fitting for capper box (customer provides air system and duct work)
  • Chuck Assembly & Shaft: Custom 316SS components
  • Protective rubber boots where available
  • Fasteners: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Control Box: Upgrade from painted mild steel to fiberglass

  • Cap Sizes: 13 – 53mm caps (up to120mm with special components)
  • Typical Speed: 10-15 bpm small bottles, 6-12 on large bottles
  • Power Input: 230 VAC, 1PH, 50/60Hz
  • Compressed Air: 2-4 CFM @ 90 PSI, must be clean and dry
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