Automatic Chuck Capping Machine

Automatic Chuck Capper

APACKS’ Automatic Chuck Capper places and torques caps automatically. The Cap Sorter (sold separately) sorts the caps which are individually picked up by the mechanical swing arm and moved to the Chuck Head while containers are stabilized by the Pneumatic Bottle Gripping Assembly. After the Chuck Head applies appropriate torque to the cap, the container moves down APACKS Conveyor (sold separately).

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  • Mechanical adjustable chuck head (pneumatic)
  • (1) chuck for one cap size
  • Cap Delivery Chute, adjustable
  • Cap Shuttle for one cap size
  • Cap Sorting Elevator for flat caps
  • Pneumatic bottle gripping assembly for one bottle size
  • Container indexing logic with bottle sensor and downstream back-up sensor
  • Polycarbonate safety shields with interlock access door
  • Cap Sorting Elevator
  • Cap Sorting Bowl Bulk
  • Cap Feeder
  • Full-chute Pause
  • Dual heads
  • Additional bottle gripper assemblies for different size bottles
  • Components for large bottles and caps
  • Special electrical requirements
  • Custom applications
  • Additional remote E-stops
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