Cap Sorting Elevator

Bottle Cap Elevator Used For Loading Caps Into Capping Machine

APACKS’ Cap Sorting Elevator is our most common and economical Sorting System capable handling a wide variety of flat caps up to 110mm. Correctly positioned caps are carried up the universal, cleated belt and blown down into the Capper chute for application. Our Elevator can also be upgraded to handle caps larger than 110mm.

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  • 304SS construction
  • Universal cleated belt accommodates a wide variety of flat caps
  • Sensor controlled cap by demand
  • Knob adjustments of cap delivery system up to 110mm caps
  • Inclination range from 0 to 20 degrees
  • Includes filter regulator
  • 304SS Bulk Hopper
  • DC gear motor
  • Speed controlled by potentiometer
  • Also available for oversized, large caps
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