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APACKS manufactures the industry’s most efficient, low maintenance, cap sorters to sort any kind of cap. Our automatic capping machines can be equipped with elevator sorters, vibratory bowl, centrifugal bowl, pocket sorter…

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  • Bottle Capping Machines

    Bowl-Mounted Bulk Cap Feeder

    A Bowl-Mounted Feeder is great for tight work spaces, provided there are no height constraints. These cost less and take up less room, but they hold less and require an Operator to load caps from a ladder or mezzanine.

  • Bottle Capping Machines

    Bulk Cap Feeding Elevator

    APACKS provides a number of ergonomic solutions for your Cap Feeding needs. Our Bulk Cap Feeding Elevator reduces manual cap reloading while simultaneously maintaining efficient cap levels in any Cap Sorter. The Bulk Cap Feeding Elevator is the ideal solution for feeding any type of cap sorting device. The Hopper is located low enough for easy bulk cap loading by the Operator.

  • Bottle Capping Machines

    Cap Sorting Elevator

    APACKS’ Cap Sorting Elevator is our most common and economical Sorting System capable handling a wide variety of flat caps up to 110mm. Correctly positioned caps are carried up the universal, cleated belt and blown down into the Capper chute for application. Our Elevator can also be upgraded to handle caps larger than 110mm.

  • Bottle Capping Machines

    Centrifugal Cap-Sorting Bowl

    APACKS’ Centrifugal Cap Sorting Bowl is also a great solution for high speed sorting and noise reduction for both flat, non-flat and specialty caps.

  • Bottle Capping Machines

    Vibratory Cap Sorting Bowl

    The Vibratory Cap Sorting Bowl is just one of the many cap sorting options APACKS’ offers for our Automatic Inline Spindle and Chuck Cappers, depending on cap sizes and types as well as desired production rates. The Vibratory Cap Sorting Bowl is the most versatile, capable of handling both flat, non-flat or specialty caps. The Vibratory Bowls are available in many diameters to accommodate different sizes and shapes, such as sport caps or cone caps.

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