Champion 500 Series of Easy Tape Heads

The tape heads are built to be very durable and virtually maintenance free. The ¼” side plates are rugged and can stand up in harsh environments. The tape heads are made to be easy for the operator to thread. The simple design and self lubricating bushings make it easy to maintain. 2 inch, 3 inch, Stainless Steel and Custom Designed Tape Heads are available.

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  • Snap on Tape Reel keeps the tape roll centered to give maximum tape adhesion to carton surface
  • Tape Silencer reduces excessive noise and assists with tape unwind
  • One way knurled brass roller keeps tension off tape application area to prevent box crushing
  • Tape Folding Wheel and support clips will enhance crimping process to allow for different mil thicknesses of tape and prevent falling tape
  • Rubber sleeved rollers wipe tape tabs to the front and rear of the carton
  • Tab lengths can be set between 1″ and 2″ with one simple adjustment on the blade arm
  • Heavy-duty blade guard provides maximum safety – eliminating clumsy spring maintenance
  • Secondary wipe down brush better tape adhesion to the carton
  • Pre-lubricated bushings do not require oiling
  • Adjustable main spring for applying roller tension
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