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Semi-Automatic Random Side Belt Case Sealer

The Champion 700-RD, Random Side Belt Drive Case Sealer requires an operator to present cartons to the machine. The 700-RD will automatically adjust to the size of the carton being presented to it.

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This machine is meant to be used in applications where every box being presented to the machine is a different size than the one before. It is the only random taper on the market that allows you to switch to different settings based on your particular application: Memory, Middle Home and Uniform settings.

Standard Features:

  • Side Belt Drive
  • Two- 502 Easy Load 2″ Tape Heads (Top & Bottom Seal)
  • Air operated Side Belts & Double Columns (80p.s.i. @ 4 CFM required)
  • Set Of 4 Locking Casters
  • Pop Out and interchangeable Tape Heads
  • 3 Possible Machine Settings: Standard Random, Memory Random and Uniform
  • Stainless steel roller bed
  • Adjustable legs from 26.75″-36.75″ with Casters

  • Minimum Carton Capacity: 4.75″L x 4″W x 4.75″H (custom carton sizes available)
  • Maximum Carton Capacity: ~ L x 24″W x 24″H (custom carton sizes available)
  • Electricity Required: 120 V, 60hz, 10amp
  • Belt Speed: 77 feet per minute
  • Machine Footprint: 45.5″L x 40.5″W x 61″H (length does not include optional tables)
  • Machine Shipping Weight: 630 lbs (on a pallet)
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