Bulk Bag Fillers V2

Bulk bag fillers are also commonly known as big bag filling stations, bulk bag loaders, and big bag fillers. APACKS offers dry bulk material processing operations a bulk bag filler product line designed to fully integrate with upstream and downstream material processing systems. APACKS big bag fillers can fill up to 20 bulk bags per hour, using only one operator. Automatic and dust-free bag filling, weighing, and densification further combine to increase line throughput and reduce process costs. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel or type 304 stainless, the components and framework of every APACKS big bag filling station are built for trouble-free operation; even in rugged bulk bag filling process conditions and where demanding material handling requirements exist.

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Bag Support Framework Designs

Cantilevered Fill Head FramesProvide unobstructed access from three sides of the filler for attaching and detaching bags. Cantilevered frames are generally used in medium to high capacity bag per hour filling capacities due to the ease of integrating indexing and accumulating roller conveyors. Additionally, cantilevered filling system can be automated to a degree that the only operator intervention required is to hang and spout empty bulk bags. 
The 4 Post FrameAn economical base frame from which many available options can be added to improve filling speed, accuracy and bag stability. The main framework features 32” of manual height adjustment in 4” increments to allow proper positioning for various sized bulk bag. 4 post frames are generally used for low to medium bag per hour filling capacities.
Powered Height AdjustmentCantilevered models come standard with a hydraulic system to quickly raise and lower the cantilevered mast. This feature provides flexibility to accommodate a range of bag sizes, provide ergonomic access for varying operator heights, as well as help square up filled bags. The increased operating speed and power of the hydraulic system vs. traditional ball screws greatly increases the bag per hour capacity of the fill station while allowing the fill head frame to safely hang a 4000 lb. load when required.  
 Fill Head Only FramesUnsupported fill head frames are used when customers are going to mount the fill head assembly directly from existing equipment. They are generally used for low to medium bag per hour filling capacities. 

    Bag Hangers

    Manual Hooks APACK’s exclusive radial hook design securely hangs bags of various sizes and weights up to 4000 lbs. 
    Automatic HooksPneumatic actuated bag hooks allow automatic hook release upon completion of the filling cycle eliminating the need for the operator to manually detach bags.
    Traversing Rear Hooks pneumatic actuated, linear bearing guided rear bag hooks automatically position the rear bag hooks at the front of the filler allowing an operator to hang and spout an empty bag without the need to lean into or walk around the machine 

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