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    Batch Weighing: Bulk Bag Filling

    Batch weighing systems are integrated into dry bulk material processing operations to ensure accurate, reliable, and repeatable material delivery in bag filling, bag discharging, and material conveyance applications.

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    Bulk Bag Fillers V2

    Bulk bag fillers are also commonly known as big bag filling stations, bulk bag loaders, and big bag fillers. APACKS offers dry bulk material processing operations a bulk bag filler product line designed to fully integrate with upstream and downstream material processing systems. APACKS big bag fillers can fill up to 20 bulk bags per hour, using only one operator. Automatic and dust-free bag filling, weighing, and densification further combine to increase line throughput and reduce process costs. Constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel or type 304 stainless, the components and framework of every APACKS big bag filling station are built for trouble-free operation; even in rugged bulk bag filling process conditions and where demanding material handling requirements exist.

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    Drum & Container Fillers

    APACKS bulk container filling systems enable bulk material packaging and processing operations to run at designed speeds without concern for constant material waste, re-work, and excess labor costs common with under-performing bulk container loading equipment.

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    ECS Integrated Blow Molding System

    blow111, The ECS range, starts from the raw material, the resin, and takes the process through to the finished container without any interruption, with total automated control of all phases of production. Costs associated to traditional two-step processes (such as preform handling, preform storage, preform cooling & reheating) are simply not part of the integrated process.These systems are extremely versatile and can produce a wide range of standard and customized, containers: lightweight bottles for standard or hot fill use, ultra clean or aseptic bottles, pasteurizable containers, warm filled bottles, wide mouth jars, round or square shaped bottles, oval, asymmetric or tailor-made containers. A comprehensive, competitive range that makes ECS machines a sure answer to a wide variety of requirements.

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    RFC-6000 Series Automatic Rotary Rinser/Filler/Capper

    This is a fully automatic Rotary Filling Machine for bottled water and bottle filling of non- carbonated beverages, including fruit juice and coolers, that are packed in PET bottles. Rinsing, Filling and Capping of bottles are integrated in one, fully automatic synchronized machine. This equipment is manufactured in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standards in the industry are met.

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