• Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous Liquids

    Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous LiquidsBenchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous LiquidsBenchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous Liquids

    Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for Viscous Liquids

    Semi-Automatic Piston Filler For Thick Liquids

    APACKS entry level bench top piston filling machine for viscous liquids is a highly versatile, dependable, and accurate table top filling machine. This piston filler is capable of handling water thin to highly viscous products. This particular filler is often used when chunks or particles like you may find in salsa and some sauces need to be filled. This model features a highly accurate 3-way valve mechanism with fittings for the hopper, product cylinder and nozzle. Disassembly and cleaning is completed in a matter of minutes and typically requires no tools. The operator drops a line of flexible tubing into a drum or tank, adjusts the volume of fill to the desired setting and places an empty container under the filling nozzle. With a simple press of a foot pedal, the exact quantity of product is drawn from the drum and dispensed into the container. The machine operates one fill at a time, and stands by until the foot pedal is depressed again.
    VL-60ML: 25ml - 60ml ( 2oz product cylinder ) Add: $0
    VL-125ML: 50ml - 125ml ( 4oz product cylinder ) Add: $40
    VL-250ML : 50ml - 250ml ( 8oz product cylinder ) Add: $110
    VL-500ML : 125ml - 500ml ( 16oz product cylinder ) Add: $260
    VL-1000ML: 300ml - 1000ml ( 32oz product cylinder ) Add: $460
    VL-2500ML: 500-2500ml ( 83 oz product cylinder ) Add: $2080
    VL-5000ML: 1000-5000ml ( 166 oz product cylinder ) Add: $2180
    • Fills liquids, creams, gels and food products
    • Available with 1 or 2 Heads in a variety of piston sizes ranging in volume
    • Cone shaped stainless steel product hopper with cover
    • Filling Speeds: Up to 30 b.p.m. (depends on product and container size)
    • Fill accuracy: +/- 0.25%
    • Food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel contact parts
    • Air Requirements: 2-cfm @ 90-psi
    • Tool free strip down for easy cleaning
    • All 316L stainless steel sanitary tri-clamp connections, connection "T's", product cylinder, and contact parts. Suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications
    • Bottom close positive shutoff nozzles ensure drip free operations (sized for your application)
    • Small footprint for simple bench mounting
    • Quick release nozzle and feed pipe
    • Pneumatic operation suitable for hazardous areas or wash down facilities
    • Replacement parts always in stock
    • Free Phone Support
    • Fills liquids
    • creams
    • gels
    • food products

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