Zero Downtime Labeler

Increase labeling efficiency with zero down-time

The ZDT-5160-PL Zero Down-Time Wrap Labeler provides an economical, self contained and easy-to-operate solution for pressure sensitive adhesive label application. Equipped with Redundant Dual Labeling Heads, the labeler is designed to prevent downtime during label roll replacement. Labeling with one head while the other is stocked with new labels ensures continuous line operation. Efficiency is key with the ZDT-5160-PL. A synchronized Servo Motor Drive allows labeling up to 200 containers per minute, based on typical 500ml round bottles.

Spec Sheet Download

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Standard Features

  • Touch screen control with auto teach function for new labels
  • One touch automatic label detection and setup
  • Built-in touch screen operation manual
  • Built-in touch screen troubleshooting guide
  • Low or Missing Label Detection with automatic stop system to prevent mislabeling
  • Synchronized Servo Motor Drive
  • Synchronized label head and conveyor speeds
  • 11 degree Tilt Feature, in or out, front to back for tapered container labeling
  • Non-contact Photo Eye Sensors
  • Label Counter
  • Count Down Feature with Auto Shut-off (for precise run of set number of label
Standard Construction

  • Stainless steel & anodized aluminum
  • Max Web Width: 6” (152mm)
  • Dispensing Speed: Up to 80M/min
  • Conveyor Speed: Up to 40M/min
  • Label Roll Inside Diameter: 3” (76mm)
  • Label Roll Outside Diameter: 14” (356mm)

  • Length – 118.10” (3000mm)
  • Width – 51.31” (1303mm)
  • Height – 52.77” (1340mm) overall minimum
  • Typical Line Height – 36” approx.
  • Weight – 705.5lbs (320kgs)
  • Belt Width – 6 5/16in (160mm)

  • Synchronized Servo Motor System
  • Touch screen controls
  • Power Requirement:
  • 120VAC, single phase, 50-60Hz
  • Clear Label Sensors
  • 8in or 10in Web Width Upgrade
  • Timing Screw Upgrade
  • Hot Stamp Coder Integration
  • Special electrical requirements
  • Custom applications
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