Series Bottling Conveyor

The TC-4500-AP Series is a 4.5 inch wide, stainless steel conveyor for bottling and bottle filling production lines features 304 stainless steel construction with an acetal, straight running chain. Gearmotor driven. Bottom supports for height adjustment. One set of tool less side guides.

SKU: TC-4500-AP

Standard Features:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Acetal straight running chain
  • 1/2 HP DC, Leeson gearmotor
  • 115V/1f/50-60Hz Variable Frequency Drive (specify desired mount location)
  • Bottom supports for height graduation
  • One set of tool less side guides.

Available lengths:

  • TC-7010-AP – 10′
  • TC-7015-AP – 15′
  • TC-7020-AP – 20′
  • Double stainless steel rail system with HDPE wear strip & tool-less brackets 
  • Shorter/Longer lengths 
  • Curved 90/45 degree sections for L, U, & S shapes 
  • Sanitary construction (elevated chain, to facilitate washdown) 
  • TEFC washdown-duty motors 
  • Alternate Frame & Chain materials, based on product/environment compatibility 
  • Additional (remote) E-stop stations 
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