Semi-Automatic Table Top Liquid Bottling Line

This bottling line is highly versatile due to the pump filling machine that is included.

  • Line Number: M015
  • Budgetary Price: $5,000-$25,000
  • Automation: Manual, Semi-Automatic
  • Bottles Per Minute: Up to 20 bottles
  • Staff Needed: 1-2

Machines Included: single head gear pump filling machine, hand held cap tightener, wrap around labeling machine

Less than Water to Pastes (Depending on Pump Type Used) Water, juices, vitamin drinks, syrups, dressings, milk, honey, mayonnaise, cheese, jellies, perfumes, hair conditioner, liquid soap, shampoo, creams and lotion, hand and body wash, hair styling gels, mascara, eye liner, makeup remover, detergents, oils, liquid cleaners, paint, degreasers, engine coolant, varnish, candles, sealants, grease, glue, silicone, cough medicine, iodine, saline solutions, insect repellent, and much more

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