Continuous Ink Jet Printer

The Linx 7300 printer for coding and marking is designed to avoid hidden costs and save you money with every print. This advanced continuous ink jet printer offers 3 lines of text, graphics and logos as standard, with up to 5 lines as an additional option. The Linx 7300 provides a flexible and reliable coding solution, and is supported by a wide range of inks for fast non-contact printing onto most materials.

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Lowest running costs and no hidden costs

  • Longest service interval of up to 6000 hours without hidden service costs
  • Minimal routine maintenance – no expensive ink modules to replace and no ink tank changes between services
  • No need to leave the printer switched on, and no need to drain before extended shutdowns – saves cost and tim
  • Lowest solvent consumption with the Linx

Minimum downtime – maximum reliability

  • Automatic and thorough cleaning of the printhead and conduit at every shutdown.Linx’s unique FullFlushTM system ensures reliable startups
  • Fast mistake proof refills with the new SureFillTM system
  • FullFlush™ system automatically cleans and dries the printhead and conduit at every shutdown, minimising manual cleaning
  • Fast, mistake-proof refills with the new SureFill™ system
  • Reduced cleaning times – robust, curvaceous stainless steel enclosure minimises dirt traps
  • Automatic ink mixing with the Linx 7300 Spectrum. No need for operator intervention and delivers consistent code quality and contrast.

Error-free coding

  • Fast and easy code changes with QuickSwitchTM software
  • Transfer messages between printers easily using the integral USB port
  • Easiest to use colour user interface
  • QuickSwitch™ software allows fast and easy code changes using a barcode scanner
  • Integral USB port enables trouble-free transfer of message content and set up data between printers
  • Intuitive colour user interface with WYSIWYG display for easy message set up, minimising coding errors.

Future-proof features and flexibility

  • 3-line printing and Data Matrix provided as standard
  • Up to 5 lines of code supported
  • Faster print speeds and remote communication tools can be added as you need them
  • Data Matrix and 3-line printing provided as standard, with optional 4 or 5-line printing Wide range of message formats available, including logos and barcodes Additional lines of print, faster print speeds and remote communications tools can be added as you need them.
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