Automatic Pesticide Packaging Line

This automatic pesticide filling line comes with everything you need to get your pesticide bottling line up and running. It is designed to bottle 2.5 gallon containers at up to 18 bottles per minute. Start your project today by filling out the form below!


  • Line Number: 14746
  • Budgetary Price: $277,000
  • Automation: Automatic,In-Line
  • Bottles Per Minute: Up to 18 (2.5 gallon containers)
  • Staff Needed: 3-4
Machines Included:
  • Bottle Loading Turntable
  • Flow Meter Filling Machine
  • Cap Sorting Elevator
  • Spindle Capping Machine
  • Ink Jet Coding Machine
  • Sleeve Labeling Machine
  • Belt Transfer
  • Bottle Accumulating Turntable
  • Induction Sealer
  • Case Erector
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