Automatic Bottle Unscrambling System

Bulk Bottle Unscrambling Machine

Our Model TAU-CB42-PP Modular Bottle Unscrambling System is our most versatile Unscrambler for the bottling industry.

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  • External Hopper/Elevator*
  • 30 cubic feet of capacity
  • Stainless steel bin
  • External 48 inch diameter Disc Sorter with stainless steel liner
  • Urethane covered drive disc
  • Adjustable air jets and paddle wheel assemblies.
  • These external components can be traded-in for larger versions in the future. Upgrade without buying a whole new system!
  • Parallel orienting belt assembly
  • FDA approved belting
  • Adjustable to suit different bottle dimensions
  • Change part for one size container consisting of:
  • Sorter Disc Plate (PP)
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PLC
  • Includes our exclusive Reversing Disc Sorter to automatically correct situations inside the disc sorter
  • Variable speed DC drives
  • Easy to use, digital push button potentiometers
  • Photoelectric controls for automatic operation includes conveyor backlog control
  • Sturdy tubular support frames
  • Exclusive Palace machine finish made of durable clear-coated “Steel-It”
  • Interlocked guard package with clear Lexan panels
  • Unscrambler installs over your existing conveyor and discharges the container at 36″ ( /-2″)
  • 220 VAC, 15 amp electric required with separate ground
  • Clean compressed air required at 80 psi
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