Induction Sealing

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  • Induction Sealers

    Semi-Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

    The SIL-1200-PT Semi-Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Systems features a hand held coil and power supply for laboratories, R&D facilities and semi-automatic use. Hand held coil could be mounted to a tabletop coil support.

  • Induction Sealers

    Stationery Induction Sealing Machine

    Our SIL-1400 Stationary Induction Sealing System has a stainless steel enclosure, fully adjustable output, auto start and more. It is water less so it is 1/3 the size of water cooled induction sealing systems with the same capabilities. Waterless Universal Flat or Channel/Tunnel sealing coil with appropriate output cable length designed to seal all closure diameters and designs.

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