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VideoJet bottle coders will help you optimize your bottle coding and printing requirements. We can help you achieve your goals for quality coding and print on bottles and containers of all types.

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    Videojet 1220

    The Videojet 1220 Continuous Ink Jet printer is specifically designed to meet basic coding and production applications across a wide range of substrates. It is ideal for single to multiple shift applications, operating at moderate line speeds.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 1520

    The Videojet 1520 Continuous Ink Jet printer is a highly flexible platform specifically designed for medium-duty coding applications. The advanced performance features make it a benchmark performer for production professionals across the globe.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 1550

    The 1550 printer is a highly flexible printer designed for a range of packaging applications. Engineered to provide the highest uptime available, the 1550 meets a range of medium-duty coding applications and also includes advanced features that help reduce errors and rework and improve productivity.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 1610 Dual Head

    The Videojet 1610 Dual Head Continuous Ink Jet printer extends the benefits of the Videojet 1000 Line printers by offering greater capabilities for demanding production environments. With two printheads, operators have the flexibility to print more content on a given package, to print on two separate locations on a given package, or to print on 2 lanes of a multi-lane application.

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    Videojet 1620

    The Videojet 1620 Continuous Ink Jet printer is designed for more demanding applications including high speed applications and around-the-clock operation. It is the standard for high throughput coding applications in production environments around the world.

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    Videojet 1620 Ultra High Speed

    The Videojet 1620 Ultra High Speed printers deliver content and quality at the highest production speeds. Whether you operate at the extremes of packaging line speed or push the limits on throughput, the Videojet Ultra High Speed (UHS) printers are designed for your application.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 1650

    The Videojet 1650 continuous ink jet printer is engineered for more demanding coding and marking applications where a combination of speed and throughput require a high utilization solution. In addition to delivering an Uptime Advantage, the 1650 provides advanced features to help reduce operator error and tools to help improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 1650 Ultra High Speed

    The 1650 Ultra High Speed printers represent the latest innovation from Videojet, building on over 40 years of beverage and high speed coding experience. Designed to operate at the extremes of packaging line speed, the 1650 UHS delivers the coding throughput you require but also brings advanced functionality to help improve your business.

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    Videojet 1710

    For applications that require easy to read variable data codes on dark or difficult to mark materials, Videojet Technologies Inc. has designed the Videojet 1710 small character continuous ink jet printer. The printer uses high-contrast, pigmented inks to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for which dye-based inks are not effective, such as colored glass, rubber tubing, plastic cabling and dark paperboard. It is capable of printing a variety of fonts in multiple languages, as well as linear bar codes, 2D DataMatrix codes, custom logos and graphics.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet 37pc

    The Videojet 37pc ink jet printer is designed to print a wide range of globally-accepted postal bar code fonts.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet Excel Dual Nozzle

    The Videojet Excel DN (“Dual nozzle”) continuous ink jet printer is ideal for customers who want to print multi-line messages at high speeds or need to print complex codes combining text, logos and even bar codes. The unique printhead design combines two nozzles into one compact printhead to aid line integration.

  • Bottle Coders & Printers

    Videojet Excel Ultra High Speed

    The Videojet Excel Ultra High Speed continuous ink jet printer allows fast, high-quality, multiple-line printing to be easily incorporated into high-speed production processes.

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