Liquid Filling Machines

APACKS designs and builds precision filling machines for your industry and production requirements. Please visit us to see our comprehensive line of mass flow meter fillers, pump fillers, gravity fillers, overflow fillers, molten fillers, and piston fillers.

  • Flow Meter Filling Machine

    Flow Meter Filling Machine

    The ExactMass flow meter filling machines deliver the highest precision weight fills and fastest dispense speed.

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  • Piston Filling Machines

    Piston Filling Machines

    Volumetric piston fillers are ideal if you have a limited range of fill sizes and product changeovers. Piston fillers are an affordable and reliable solution to filling liquids with or without particulates.

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  • Gravity Filling Machines

    Gravity Filling Machines

    Gravity filling machines are best for liquids that do not change viscosity (thickness of the liquid) when the temperature of the product changes. Gravity fillers use simple time-based controls to fill low viscosity liquid products.

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  • Overflow Filling Machines

    Overflow Filling Machines

    Overflow fillers deliver consistent liquid fill levels regardless of variations in the container. Overflow filling machines are capable of dispensing many types of liquids that are required to be filled to a level in a bottle.

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  • Pump Filling Machines

    Pump Filling Machines

    Pump filling machines are able to fill low to high viscosity liquid product. Our pump fillers may be equipped with sanitary gear or lobe pumps to match your application.

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  • Net Weight Filling Machines

    Net Weight Filling Machines

    Net weight filling machines use a weigh scale platform to monitor the weight of product as it is filling into a bottle or container. Net weight fillers are well suited for large container filling applications.

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  • Dry Product Fillers

    Dry Product Fillers

    Dry product fillers are used to dispense dry materials such as powders, granules, pellets, and tablets. Dry product filling machines are available for all industries and dry materials.

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  • Molten Filling Machine

    Molten Filling Machine

    The APACKS Molten Filling Machine is designed to fill lip balms, candle wax, stick deodorants, lipstick, shoe polish, car wax, glycerin soaps and petrolatum based products that flow when hot and cool to a solid at ambient temperature. The FMI-6000-AP Molten Filling Machine accurately fill liquids, and liquified solids, into molds or containers at temperatures up to 200° Fahrenheit. The product tank and each fill head are heated and temperature controlled. All machine functions are PLC controlled.

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