• 4-Flap Closing Fully Automatic Case Sealers

    4-Flap Closing Fully Automatic Case Sealers

    The Champion 700-FC, Fully Automatic Side Belt Drive Top and Bottom Case Taper with Flap Closer will accept cartons automatically from a Powered Conveyor and will close all 4 carton flaps and then tape top and bottom. The machine will automatically meter cartons with a Photo Eyed Controlled Gating System. An advantage to our Flap Closer is the fully adjustable Plow System.

    Both plows are adjustable vertically and horizontally at the front and the back of the plow. This is an important feature of our machine as it allows the user the utmost flexibility with closing flaps in a timely fashion for varying types of carton applications. The rear minor flap kicker glides in a straight line to kick the flap. Most of our competitors use a swinging kicker motion, but our straight line kicker path transfers more force allowing you to easily handle double wall cartons. Our control box can be positioned on either side of the machine or on a conveying system for user comfort and safety. The row of top squeezing rollers helps to keep the major flaps together, while generally keeping the top seam tight prior to tape application. The adjustable hand cranks allow for quick carton change over. The hand cranks can also be located on either side of the machine. Optional machine guarding is available on the Champion 700-FC.

    Standard Features:

    • Side Belt Drive
    • Two - 502 Easy Load 2" Tape Heads (top & bottom seal)
    • Carton Indexing and Gating (80 p.s.i. @ 4 CFM required)
    • Set Of 4 locking Casters
    • Stainless steel roller bed
    • Pop Out and Interchangeable Tape Heads
    • Top Squeezers help to keep top seam closed
    • Adjustable Legs from 22"-32" Casters


    • Minimum Carton Capacity: 4.75"L x 4"W x 4.75"H (custom carton sizes available)
    • Maximum Carton Capacity: 24” L x 20"W x 20"H (custom carton sizes available)
    • Electricity Required: 120 V, 60hz, 10amp
    • Belt Speed: 77 Feet per minute
    • Machine Footprint: 77"L x 35"W x 67"H (length does not include optional tables)
    • Machine Shipping Weight: 750 lbs (on a pallet)

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