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The APACKS Story

APACKS designs and builds packaging machinery to help our customers reach their unique production goal. We build a wide range of Filling Equipment tailored to the way you do business. Our equipment is hand-built right in America. We are not only a Filling Equipment manufacturer, we design and build Bottle Rinsers, Capping Machines, Cap Sorters, Conveyors, and Bottle Loading and Accumulating Turntables. Our equipment is engineered for durability and ease of use. We also work with leading manufacturers of Labeling Machines, Induction Sealers, Coding Machines, Shrink Wrapping Equipment, Case Building and Palletizing Machines to deliver complete turn-key packaging lines.

What does the “A” stand for in APACKS?

The answer is that “A” really has several meanings.

“A” stands for American Made. When we began, we were having most of our filling machines and capping machines made in other countries. We carefully chose our manufacturers to get the quality that our customers deserved. The problem was that delivery schedules were outside of our control and each small change in the specifications could add 30 days on to the shipment time. A few years ago we started manufacturing our own machines, right here in La Porte, Indiana. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Liquid Fillers, Cappers and Conveyors in America.

“A” is the grade we get for our quality.We know that our customers purchase equipment as money making assets. If it breaks down, it isn’t making money. We custom engineer each machine to be durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Quality and durability are not just marketing terms. We back up our quality with the strongest guarantee in the industry.

“A” is the grade we get from our customers. We work hard to earn that grade every day, from fast delivery of equipment to quick, expert service. Our people are the best. Our customer service is unparalleled. We work hard to earn our “A” every day. So, we’ll proudly continue to use it in our name.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We appreciate your interest. We may ask a lot of questions before preparing a quote. The answers will help us understand your business enough to recommend equipment that will work for you now and into the future.

We are dedicated to your success. Our best customers are successful businesses that come back to us for more equipment as they grow. That’s why it is important that we manufacture durable equipment that fits your needs at a competitive price. It’s also important that we help you get your new equipment installed and making money for you fast.

When an problem occurs on your production line, you are not making money. We have an expert group of technicians available to make repairs and get you up and running quickly.  We are conveniently located just an hour and a half from Chicago airports and can easily travel for on-site repairs.

Whether you need an entry level tabletop machine or high speed integrated packaging lines, we are your one stop shop. Contact us today at (219) 393-5541.

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