• Two-Sided Front & Back Labeler

    Two-Sided Front & Back Labeler

    Two-Sided Front & Back Labeler

    Automatic front and back labeling machine

    The LAD-6250-PL Two-Sided Front & Back Labeler provides an impressive yet cost-effective solution for pressure sensitive adhesive label application. This Labeler is suitable for various one-sided or two-sided labeling. An optional wrap station is offered for wrap labels on round bottles.


    • Standard Construction: Stainless steel anodized aluminum
    • Max Web Width: 7” (178mm)
    • Dispensing Speed: Up to 36M/min
    • Conveyor Speed: Up to 36M/min
    • Label Roll Inside Diameter: 3” (76mm)
    • Label Roll Outside Diameter: 14” (356mm)
    • Electrical: Stepper Motor Drive & Touch screen controls
    • Power Requirement: 120VAC, single phase, 50-60Hz
    • Dimensions: Length - 107” (2718mm) | Width - 69.13” (1756mm) | Height - 56.26” (1429mm) | Typical Line Height - 36” approx.| Weight - 617.5lbs (280kgs) | Belt Width - 6 5/16” (160mm)
    • Clear Label Sensor
    • 8in or 10in Web Width Upgrade
    • 7in, 8in or 10in Wrap Labeling Feature
    • Conveyor Length Upgrade to 118” (3M)
    • Timing Screw Upgrade
    • Hot Stamp Coder Integration
    • Special electrical requirements
    • Custom applications

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