• Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    High-speed automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

    APACKS series of high-speed shrink sleeve labeling machines is designed for full body sleeve labeling applications, as well as neck and cap banding, tamper-evident applications. With the APACKS shrink sleeve labeling models differing only in size and labeling speed, the SL Series is well-suited for a wide variety of industries and applications, although the machines' tamper-resistant "neckbander" is ideal for beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.
    • Designed for full body sleeve labeling applications
    • Touch-control screen and an advanced Programmable Logic Computer (PLC)
    • Easy operation and quick change-over
    • 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum
    • Acrylic interlock door
    • Accommodates a wide range of label roll sizes
    • Management setting with password protection
    • Multi-Alarm settings, through buzzers and flashing lights, alert the operator about various errors (e.g., bottle jams, bottles falling, labels running out etc.)
    • Supply Voltage: 220/380 VAC 50/60 HZ 3 Phase
    • Power Consumption : l.2KW
    • Sleeve speed : 300BPM Max
    • Bottle Diameter: 30 ~ 120mm
    • Height of Bottle: 250mm Max
    • (1) Chuck for one cap size 
    • Range of Label Thickness : 0.035mm ~ 0.08mm
    • Inner Core : 127 ~ 254mm
    • Conveyor Specification : llOmm (W), 900mm (H)
    • Dimensions: 2000mm(L) x 1050mm(W)x 2300mm(H)

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