Bottle Blow Molding

Blow Molding Machines manufacture quality PET bottles and containers. Call APACKS today for more information about bottle blow molding equipment.

  • Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    Using unique and patented technology, the APACKS Linear Bottle Blow Molding Machine achieves high production outputs and excellent container quality. The mechanical operation, is completely electrical, allowing more time for the stretch-blow molding process. The efficiency of the oven heating and ventilation does not impose thermal conditioning limits on the preforms. The electrical stretching gives precision and flexibility to the process and guarantees full repeatability.

  • ECS Integrated Bottle Blow Molding Systems

    ECS Integrated Bottle Blow Molding Systems

    The APACKS ECS Integrated Systems provides solutions to a wide variety of requirements. The ECS range starts from the raw material, the resin, and takes the process through to the finished container without any interruption and with total automated control of all phases of production. Costs associated to traditional two-step processes such as preform handling, preform storage, preform cooling and reheating are not part of the integrated process. These systems are extremely versatile and can produce a wide range of standard and customized, containers: lightweight bottles for standard or hot fill use, ultra clean or aseptic bottles, pasteurizable containers, warm filled bottles, wide mouth jars, round or square shaped bottles, oval, asymmetric or tailor-made containers.

  • Rotary Blow Molding Machine

    Rotary Blow Molding Machine

    APACKS Rotary Blow Molding machines enable users to produce standard containers at rates of 2,250 bottle/hour/cavity, complex custom containers such as heat set containers for hot filling at rates up to 1,800 bottles/hour/cavity, or handling and blowing of very light containers with extremely high preform stretch ratios. Today, there are seven models available. The number in the acronym indicates the number of blowing cavities. The model SFR 9/27 is equipped with 9 stations able to carry either 9 standard shell molds or 9 triple-cavity molds for a total of 27 blowing cavities.

  • Sincro Tribloc Bottle Blow Molder

    Sincro Tribloc Bottle Blow Molder

    Sincro Tribloc is an innovative system that incorporates the production, labeling and filling/capping of PET containers in an integrated system. Sincro TriBloc production output ranges from 12,000 to 48,000 b/h.

  • Start Blow Molding Machine

    Start Blow Molding Machine

    APACKS Start Blow Molding machine is specially created to enable companies in emerging markets to make their steps into the PET bottle production. This equipment is also designed to satisfy the needs for small and simple blow molding machines with low investment, low complexity, and with good technical support.

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